Deposit Instructions for non-Authorized Users

  1. The depositor will download the Georgetown University Deposit Ticket and complete the information in Section 1 of the deposit ticket Excel form, describing the deposit and including the appropriate GMS worktags indicating where the deposit will be credited. 
    • Required Worktags for a deposit are as follows:
      • Account
      • Cost Center
      • Fund
      • Program
    • If Account Code represents an Expenditure or Revenue account, the following worktags are required.
      • Revenue/Spend Category
      • Purpose
    • Note:  If you are depositing towards an invoice (this is UNCOMMON and typically only used by depositors from SAO, CTO, or LCCC depositing towards grant invoices) then ONLY enter the Invoice ID and the Assignee
  2. The depositor will email the completed form to an authorized user of Web Departmental Deposits for data entry.  A list of authorized users is located on the Office of Billing and Payment Services website or you can contact your respective Campus Finance Office to obtain the name of an authorized user.
  3. The Authorized User will enter the deposit information in the TouchNet application and return the deposit ticket to the depositor after completing Section 2.
  4. The depositor will print two (2) copies of the completed Georgetown University Deposit Ticket.  One copy is taken to the Cash Office with the funds to be deposited.  The cashier will verify the funds received agree with the amount reflected on the deposit ticket.  The Cashier will validate the deposit and submit the deposit to be posted in the finance system.  The Cashier will provide a receipt to the depositor confirming the submission of the deposit.  The receipt can be attached to the second copy of the deposit ticket for records retention.