Cashiering and Check Distribution


The cashier's window is open Monday through Thursday, from 9am until 3pm, and on Fridays from 9:30am until 3pm, excluding holidays. The services provided by the cashier are listed below.

Departmental Deposits

Effective July 1, 2015 all departmental deposits must be made using TouchNet's Web Departmental Deposit tool. The official receipt that previously was used when making deposits is now obsolete. Depositors must use the new TouchNet Deposit Ticket. Instructions for both authorized and non-authorized users can be found below.

For individuals that have been authorized to use the TouchNet tool:

For individuals that have not been authorized to use the TouchNet tool:

Check Cashing

Only petty cash checks issued by Georgetown will be cashed.

  • The check must include the words "Petty Cash" in the "Pay To" field
  • The individual cashing the check should be named in the "Pay To" field
  • Should the need arise for someone other than the person named in the "Pay To" field to cash the check, an email from the payee must be sent to the cashier with the name of the representative and his or her 9-digit Georgetown ID number
  • The individual cashing the check must provide a valid ID
Making Change

The cashier will be happy to make change for any Georgetown employee or student, subject to the availability of cash.


The Office of Billing and Payment Services oversees the distribution of both payroll and accounts payable checks. Checks are available for pickup Monday through Friday, from 9am until 5pm, excluding holidays.

Payroll Checks

Check Pick-Up Authorization Form

  • Any proposed changes to a department's authorized user list must be received by Check Distribution on the Wednesday prior to any given pay-day

The following applies to all payroll checks:

  • Checks are available on the Thursday following the end of the payment cycle, after 3pm
  • An employee will be allowed to pick up his or her payroll check only when that check is the sole one available for his or her department
  • Multiple checks for a department can be collected only by an individual specifically authorized for this task
    • Authorized individuals must provide a valid photo ID when collecting checks
    • The organization code(s) for the relevant department must be presented
    • All checks for the department and any sub-departments must be collected
      • Individuals unwilling to collect all checks for the relevant department and sub-department will not be allowed to collect any checks
      • The authorized individual will be required to sign out for each department/code separately
Accounts Payable Checks
  • When an A/P check coded as 'Pick-Up' and is ready, a telephone call will be made to the extension provided
    • Anyone collecting an Accounts Payable check must bring a valid photo ID and sign for the check